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Asian Virtual Human Association was founded in July 2021.
Asian Virtual Human Association is an organization that promotes VR and virtual humans through cross-border events such as technology forums and contests. Virtual humans using motion capture and characters are attracting attention as technologies that are useful for communication innovation, not only in the entertainment industry such as VTuber and virtual talent , but also due to the influence of COVID-19 such as distance education and telemedicine. And contactless customer service. It is attracting attention.


Our corporation aims to promote the concept of virtual human, and in order to achieve that purpose, we will carry out the following business.

  1. Promotion of enlightenment of technology related to virtual human virtual being.
  2. Development, provision and operation of system solutions using technology related to virtual human virtual being and provision of support.
  3. Development and production of Owned VTuber / virtual talent Providing services.
  4. Practice of education on virtual humans and virtual beings.
  5. Penetration of adoption of virtual humans.
  6. Development of collaboration products and intellectual property that fuse virtual real and real, digital and analog.
  7. Attached to the previous items Or related business.


Board Member of 2022
Junichi Ishii Photo

Junichi Ishii (Chairman)

Contributing to the construction of production systems in the 3DCG&animation industry.
Too Corporation (CMO/CIO), Too Marker Products (Executive Vice President),Too Digital Marketplace Inc.(Director), Utalica inc.(Director)

Christopher Chen Photo

Christopher Chen (Director)

Chairman of Taiwan VTuber Association, Christopher established the 1st VTuber industry group in Taiwan focusing on VTuber, with 15 copanies and universities back in 2017.Taiwan VTuber Association has been conducting contest and technology forums for 3 years.Christopher also co-founded two companies in Taiwan to focus on developing necessary technologies for VTuber and Virtual Production.
Yameme Integrated Marketing Co.,Ltd and Feng-shui Vision Co.,Ltd

Word from the Director

Neil Xie Photo

Neil Xie (Director)

Neil currently works as the vice president at Base Media. He also serves as deputy director of the China Society of Motion Picture and Television, and is one of the initiators of CPPA (China Post Production Alliance). In Late 2003, Neil stepped into the VFX business and assisted Chris Bremble in founding Base FX as one of the core leaders, turning a small team of 12 people into the largest in China and the top VFX and animation company across Asia. Neil also played an active role in the founding of CPPA, spending rigorous efforts to promote VFX talent development and the healthy development and resource integration of the industry.


Member List

South Korea
SangKu Lee Photo

SangKu Lee

Sangku is the Founder & CEO of Tricomtek Co.,Ltd, a company based in Seoul, Korea, specializing in mobile convergence service, immersive media technology, and AR/VR creative works. He had been a sponsor in the media sector for the Asian model festival since 2018. Asia Model Festival is growing as a key icon for Asia’s pop culture and art industry and as a global cultural content platform, participating from 27 countries. He is working as a Korea Chapter President of the global VRAR Association-VRARA since 2018.


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Enacted on Dec,1,2021
Asian Virtual Human Association
Junichi Ishii