【News】"48H Virtual Production Filming Contest" to arrive at Britain


Asian Virtual Human Association (AVHA), a nonprofit organization registered in Tokyo, Japan dedicated to promoting virtual productions and virtual humans and the Morden Wolf, a virtual production studio based in London, are extremely excited to work together on co-promoting virtual productions in United Kingdom. 


AVHA successfully conducted a 48H Virtual Production Filming Contest in May of 2023, with 56 teams participating from Europe, Asia and North America.  Several of the teams actually made their creative production by using their local Virtual Production Studios. Furthermore, we are so happy to see some of the participating students have already secured full-time positions at the aforementioned studios.  


For 2024, we strongly believe that with the extensive assistance of Mordon Wolf we can increase the participating teams from UK to an even higher level. Currently, there are already 67 teams from 47 mainland Chinese schools enrolled in the 2024 contest.  


Moving forward AVHA will be happy to share the knowledge on how we conduct 4-hour seminars and 12-hour hands-on seminars, so that we can see similar momentum and enthusiasm to get the teams from UK prepared for the 2024 48H Virtual Production Filming Contest.  

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