【Report】Take a peek into the “48 hours” of the students participating in 48H Virtual Production Contest!


48 Virtual Production Filming Contest was held on May 18 (9:00 GMT/18:00 JST) ~ May 20 (9:00 GMT/18:00 JST).

Many students participated and the event was a great success.

Joel Austin Mack of the Georgia State University team in the U.S. documented the 48-hour schedule, giving us a peek into how the students went about their production in the limited 48-hour time frame.

Below is Joel Austin Mack student's transcript.


This past Monday around 4am, I submitted my first 48-Hour  Virtual Production Contest entry. With a team limit of 3 Sajitha Jahangir, Carla Serrano Crespo, and I crafted a 4-minute piece. Here’s a look at how we produced it:

●Friday - 11 PM 🌙

Since the event is hosted in Japan, my team and I spent the night at the studio. For us, the competition started at 4:50am Saturday, unlike the 9am start for our eastern counterparts. We ensured our computers were working and up to date to avoid technical issues. After our first meeting, we went to sleep around 3am Saturday. That was the last time I used my sleeping bag.

●Saturday - 4:30 AM ⏰

We woke up and saw our theme: a picture! 🎨 We expected a word or theme, but we analyzed the picture and came up with about 10 stories. One story fits the picture: “Another Place, Another Time” from “The Chronicles of Harris Burdick.” We began drafting our script, using an LLM to generate 10-15 scripts. We picked one and started crafting the first draft and the LED wall.

●Saturday - 7 AM 💻

I finished setting up rough levels in Unreal and linked our computers and the LED wall through Switchboard. We started the multi-user interface for real-time edits as we built our foreground set. We chose a forest scene for easier focus and used free assets from Georgia. Matching the lighting to the foreground assets boosted team morale. 🌟

Here is the completed work ↓ (*externalURL)


In 48 hours, the students had to come up with content for the assignment and even create and edit a video. The concentration and ingenuity of the students is nothing short of amazing.

The winning team will be announced on June 17.